Passage | Steve Hickok | Artist | Art Angels

Steve Hickok


“Dreams are a big part of my artistic life. The other day someone was asking me, ‘How many hours a day do you typically work?´ I said, honestly, it feels like 24/7, because some of my best ideas come to me in my sleep. I just wake up and keep working.”

The Passages series grew out of one such night-time vision which led to the idea of dream-steps. “When I do them as murals, on walls, I call them Dream-Steps because it’s the notion of moving forward in life, taking one step at a time into a future that keeps rolling in at your like black and white waves. It’s the black and white of life, its Yesses and Nos—but also its grey Maybes.”

Asked how viewers respond to this series, Hickok says, “The first word I hear a lot is Optimism. Which is understandable, because there’s a continual movement here. Recently I installed a Dream-Steps piece, a large mural-style painting, in an office conference room and it works so well because it speaks of progress and collaboration and connection. My work is edgy and complex, but its fundamental energy is optimism. It’s not an effect I try to achieve ; it’s just who I am. It’s the source from which all my art flows.”