Niclas Castello

Niclas Castello is a contemporary German artist, who was born in East Germany in 1978. With his

works, inspired by Neo-Pop Art, Neoexpressionism and the Junge Wilde, he became internationally

known within a short time and is represented in reputable collections in Europe, the USA and Asia.

His paintings and sculptures play in a sophisticated way, with masterful compositions, and in a high

perfection with today’s star, media and brand cult as well as the artistic disciplines of appropriation,

happening and performance - interestingly, in the absence of the artist. So that the glittering-pop lip

sculptures of the series The Kiss animate many people to take selfies with the art work. With his Cube

Paintings, Niclas Castello even steps onto new ground in art history because he transforms his

paintings into sculptures by destroying them and presenting them crumpled in acrylic glass cubes.

The also to the media very attractive artist studied art in Paris and New York, among others at the

avant-garde artist Arleen Schloss. Currently, he lives and works in Germany and the USA.