Nothing is forbidden until you ask for permission. HiJack is an unstoppable underground street artist known for his use of political satire to produce tongue-in-cheek creations. Working at all hours of the night, HiJack stealthily stencils some of the most highly trafficked destinations across the globe the world from street corners to sides of buildings. His well thought out works are both contemplative and quick-witted as he reinterprets current controversial issues. His candid craft has been noted by viewers around the world ranging from law enforcement to large businesses, art galleries to average joes.

Being raised in an openly creative household, HiJack played with various art forms before discovering his true infatuation with street art. As a teenager, he spent most of his nights sneaking out of his house to create eye catching stencils on otherwise vacant walls. Pairing powerful messages with well-designed images is HiJack’s signature as he appropriates empty spaces to freely speak his mind. His commitment to bringing social problems to light along with his distaste for the status quo allows his work to stand out among other artists. Although his artwork is highly recognizable, his discreet and anonymous persona allows passersby to interpret his art and not the person who created it.

Along with his regular streetart, HiJack’s work has been displayed at various galleries around the world to present his work in a new light. His first debut in 2013 was in London where he presented his first two collections- Never Too Young To Dream Big and Perfection is False. In true HiJack form, he took this series to the streets and stenciled in Never Too Young To Dream Big on a well-known wall which immediately caught the attention of the UK community. HiJack has participated in multiple art shows including Art Miami, Art Basel, Art New York and Art Palm Beach.