The Golden Key

The Golden Key

Original Drawings by Elizabeth Waggett

One of Waggett's most iconic pieces, 'The Lobster', is bound by golden bands, challenging its status and value through composition/form. This is a fitting metaphor of the untenable societal constraints that perpetuate greed, vanity, and selfishness/narcissism. Displaying the lobster in such large scale on a backdrop of 24 karat gold brings it to the forefront of the viewers conscience. Drastically altering the scope provides reflective contrast between true and imposed value of the subject. The lobster's value to our ecosystem is inherently greater than that which we have placed upon it. Such imagery displays flaws in behavior and simultaneously evokes real human emotions of empathy, compassion and love, the key to it all.

The Process:

The drawing is done with layers of charcoal, graphite and ink. On 300b Saunders Waterford cotton paper (oldest paper mill in world) then the gold is applied. The gold is built up in layers, 24k gold is the purest and therefor the softest/most fragile so it is important to build and build using the gold to then create a full and lusturious surface, you will notice that the colours and the shine change as you move and in different lights, this is due to the layering that refracts the light. The whole thing is then varnished with archival varnish that will not tarnish or yellow over time. This provides a surface protection and also brings out the intence coloring of 24k gold, which changes and shifts in the light.

May be hung horizontal or vertical, signed on verso.

Paper size is 94 x 56 inches

Year 2018

Size 94 inches x 56 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Charcoal / Graphite / Ink and 24k gold on 300b Saunders Waterford cotton paper.

Edition Unique

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The Golden Key