Tintin Pharaoh

Tintin Pharaoh

by Agnetha Sjögren

Tintin comic books hold a very special memory for me as a childhood love. Time spent reading them as a child took me away on adventures in my imaginary mind. When I became an adult little was I to know the comics would be intertwined with memories of my own adventures.

I would often travel to India for work in the search of colour and inspiration, these journeys would always involve my then boyfriend. To escape the hustle and bustle of the city he discovered a favourite coffee shop and found a collection of Tintin comics. This is where I would find him happily reading, consumed by the stories and taken away by the action, where he found his own place of peace.

Year 2018

Size 35.43 inches x 35.43 inches

Signed Yes

Medium Giclee print on Hahnemühle Museum paper

Edition of 8

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Tintin Pharaoh